Omaha, Omaha! (Set…hut!)

Well, after a two month adventure at my mom’s place, we now live in a place of our own in Omaha. We’re thankful to be here and enjoying having a place to make our own. I had a few weeks where I didn’t really take many pictures because I was so busy, but I hope to be taking more pictures again. It’s also been a bit cold and sometimes snowy, so I haven’t really been outside much. And now that we don’t walk to get to places like we did in Chicago, I rarely get the opportunity.

But here are some photos from over the last few weeks or so.

No Photography!
No Photographs, please!


A view from my mom’s porch


Micah in Uncle Matt's Shoes
Micah posing in Uncle Matt’s shoes


The Boys Playing
Micah and Ezra playing with each other.


Boys and Books
The boys “reading” together.


Chubby Ezra sitting around looking kind of dazed after a nap.


Micah and Ezra
Micah and Ezra playing with their track.


Micah on the Table
Micah loves two things: climbing and opening doors. It’s a plus when these two things can be combined. But not so much for me.




Any guesses as to what this is? It’s broccoli.


Oranges. Must be winter.


Micah and Ezra
The boys playing together. I love that they’re able to play with each other so well now.


Sarah's Nursing Figurine
My grandmother gave Sarah a nursing figurine of a nurse holding a baby. It was hers from back when she was a nurse. But she thought it was fitting for Sarah to get it because she is now a Labor and Delivery nurse.


Omaha at Sunset
Looking over Omaha as a plane takes off.


Omaha at Sunset
The Omaha skyline from Council Bluffs as the sun sets.


Omaha at Sunset
Not quite the Chicago skyline. That’s for sure. But we are growing to love Omaha.


Omaha at Sunset
And the sun peeks behind the horizon.


Omaha at Sunset
It’s amazing how quickly the sky begins to change as the sun sets.


Omaha at Sunset
Omaha and the Missouri river.


Omaha at Sunset
The moon looked really neat hovering above the city.


Omaha at Sunset
I love that the Omaha area has so many hills to capture neat views of the city from all kinds of angles.


Micah and his puppy
Micah loves taking his puppy for “walks”


Purple Streak
Caught this plane flying overhead while on our way out of a Target.


Plane Streaks and the Moon
I thought the moon looked cool with those wispy plane trails.


Golden Hour Globe
Who needs a snow globe when you can capture a golden hour globe?


Our House
Here’s our new house after the first snow of February.


Micah Sledding
We were finally able to break out Micah’s new sled. He’s never been sledding before and so it was fun to be able to let him sled in our very own backyard.


Micah Sledding
He really seemed to enjoy himself!


We may be a new home, but the routines remain the same. Micah steals his brothers food. Ezra gets upset. And so on…


Ezra’s getting bigger and cuter (and time for a haircut) – I can’t help but want to hug him all the time. (Please don’t mind the messy room behind him…)


Micah “helping” me unpack our boxes.


Micah wearing his Japanese yukata hanging out with his Great-Uncle Norman.


Obviously not the clearest picture, but Ezra hopes you had a good Valentine’s Day. Clearly he got a big kiss on the cheek from his mommy.


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3 thoughts on “Omaha, Omaha! (Set…hut!)

  1. So happy you guys are settling into Omaha! The photo of Ezra and the bear is so precious :-D. And the top down view in the cereal puffs picture is amazing – definitely tells a story!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Ezra was sitting next to that bear and I had to run to grab my camera. And sometimes I just want to document these times where Micah is able to do these things to Ezra before Ezra catches up in size and weight and is able to challenge his brother more fairly. It’s not long before Ezra is going to be able to defend himself against his big brother.

  2. Andrew,
    Nathan was telling me of some of Micah’s late night adventures. They’re very enjoyable set to your words. Your photographs are beautiful and your narration so thoughtful and touching. Such a beautiful family. Tell your Mother I said hello, she must be very happy.

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