Christmas in Iowa

A lot has changed since I last posted here. My family has moved from Chicago and into the Omaha area. We are currently staying with my mom in Iowa as we figure out exactly where we are going to be living next. Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. I sadly have not gotten my camera out very often through the course of all that has been going on. Here are some that I have taken, however.

The Bean
As I wrapped things up in Chicago, I walked over to the bean one morning to take some final shots of one of Chicago’s more iconic places. It was a foggy, cold day – but I think it made for some nice shots.
The Bean
The bean, officially called “Cloud Gate,” makes for some nice pictures of one of the world’s greatest skylines.
The Bean
Here’s me trying to capture how cold and foggy it felt that day.
Foggy Chicago
Another one of Chicago’s iconic buildings. Same architects as those who designed the World Trade Center towers that fell on 9/11.
The Bean
Another angle of the Bean
I stayed with some friends at the beginning of December as I finished some things up in Chicago. This is of their tree.
Christmas Bokeh
Some artsy Christmas bokeh.
Micah zoned out
A shot of Micah – a bit zoned out after getting up from bed.
My sister’s boyfriend, Clint, goofing around with a Christmas decoration in my mom’s place.
My sister, giving me a stare down.
Opening their present
My family always opens one present each on Christmas Eve, one of our few true traditions. Here, Sarah and the boys are opening Ezra’s first Christmas present.
The boys playing with their new present
Of course, Micah instantly wanted to play with Ezra and his new toy.
Sarah and the boys on Christmas Eve
Sarah and the boys and the new Christmas toy.
Lauren and Clint
Lauren and clint react after Lauren opens her present.
Sarah and Micah's new sled
Micah got his first sled. (Sarah seems just as happy…)
Micah coloring
Micah coloring in a new coloring book from his Uncle Matt.
Ezra and Micah Playing
It’s been fun seeing Micah and Ezra play together as they both get older.

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