Sunday Stepback: Three Things Worth Lamenting

Reading the news typically makes me sad. But this week it is particularly true. It’s been hard for me to escape three stories that have really caused me to grieve for this world and those who unnecessarily suffer due to hate or violence. It has also riled up some anger in me towards those inflicting their hate and violence upon others. I am not going to add anything (at least today) to the links I am going to be providing. I may reflect on these things soon, but not today. Sometimes lament requires some quiet reflection, mourning, and grief alone. These are the stories that have been weighing heavy on me today in particular:

1) Kansas passes an anti-gay bill

EDIT: I hadn’t discovered at the time of this post that this bill ended up getting struck down in the senate.

2) The killing of Jordan Davis and injustice of the “stand your ground” law

3) Christian militias in Central African Republic forcing Muslims out the country

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