A Pacifist’s Prayer on Memorial Day

Arlington Cemetary
Arlington cemetery – Photo by Andy Beal

Lord of Heaven and of Earth,

This morning I approach your throne room with a heavy heart.

I come to you in ANGER because people have died. People made in your image.
Thousands of families all across this earth have been affected by our wars against each other.
All people made in your image.
Families have been ripped apart. Dreams have been shattered.
Children who will never meet their daddies.

I pray for the families whose countries we are at war with. Men, women, children all of whom are made in your image. Civilians who have lost loved ones due to this violence and terrorism.

I come to you in LAMENT.

I plead, “How Long, O Lord?”

How long shall country rise against country?
How long shall leaders rise against leaders?
How long shall the men and women run off to battle?
How long shall bombs and terror destroy lives?
How long shall we live in fear of more violence?
How long shall wickedness, discord, and chaos rule?
How long shall we have to endure the evils of war?
How long, O Lord?

When will the swords be beaten into plowshares?
When will righteousness prevail on the earth?
When will justice and right judgment rule from on high?

May your kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.
Save us from ourselves. Deliver us from evil.

I come to you in CONFIDENCE because you are God.

Nothing goes unnoticed by you, Father.
And even in the midst of war, you, God, are a refuge and strength – a very present help in time of trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam
and the mountains quake with their surging.

Therefore, you kings, be wise;
be warned, you rulers of the earth.
Serve the Lord with fear
and celebrate his rule with trembling.
Kiss his son, or he will be angry
and your way will lead to your destruction,
for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

I come to you with HOPE because you are omnipotent.

You are in control. Even when we do not understand all that goes on in this world we can still remember our responsibility to trust in you. On this memorial day I lament the loss of life due to war, but I rest assured that you will bring comfort to those who have lost so much. And you will gladly quicken those who turn to you in humility and sincerity.

Help me to respond to evil in the ways in which you have commanded us.
Help me to pray for my enemies as well as those who I consider my friends.
Help me to love those who promote violence, war, and death in ways that are honoring to you.

Lord, forgive us our sins. For you are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from our unrighteousness.

Lord Jesus, come quickly!

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