Black and White Project: Day Four

Life recently got incredibly hectic, so I have been unable to take many pictures. But here is day four. I went to a my college roommate’s graduation into the Navy on Friday. He’s preparing to be a Navy Seal. I’ve never been to a military event, so this was an interesting experience for me. It was also pretty amazing to see how big the Naval base really was.

Every person who joins the Navy goes through boot camp up here in Great Lakes, IL. There were about 800 people who graduated on the day that I went. I believe they have similar size graduations every Friday. Their boot camp lasts about eight weeks, with very limited interaction with the outside world. My friend had not been off base for eight weeks, so it was a bit disorienting for him to get off base after graduation.
Navy Graduation

Navy Graduation

Navy Graduation

Navy Graduation
Not the only one taking a picture…
Navy Graduation
Husband and wife reunited!

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