Black and White Project: Day 2

I studied all day today at the library, but on my walk there I snapped just a few pictures. All in black and white, of course. Today is day two in my attempt to get better at taking black and white photos. If anyone happening to stumble upon my blog has suggestions for taking better black and white pictures, let me know via the comments section.

Here are three snaps from today:

Soccer - Day 2

Even though the grass doesn’t look like it, and the air doesn’t feel like it, spring is supposedly here. Apparently our neighbors across the way are ready for it to be here, too. They set up a small soccer goal for their young son to play with.

Bench - Day 2

A bench next to the small pond on campus. Apparently this bench is for those who enjoy sitting next to a pond, but don’t like looking at it.
The Mansion - Day 2

This is the old mansion on campus. It now is just administrative offices. I worked on the top floor over the summer. This bench is for those who like looking at ponds and large houses turned offices.


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