Traveling at the Speed of Life

Life has been speeding by at what seems to be a million miles per hour. Life is happening so quickly. It’s all been incredibly great recently, too. It’s kind of amazing how great things have been recently, really. Sarah has a new job that she really seems to be enjoying. The other day she told me, “I love my job. How many people can say that? I just love my job.”

I am so happy for her. It really is great to see her so happy. That mixed with Micah squirming around inside of her keeps a constant smile on her face. It has been fun following the progression of the baby over the course of her pregnancy. IPad apps make following the progression pretty incredible and fun. Every Tuesday night Sarah says, “Oooh, we need to look at the baby!” And we discover what has happened over the past week and what Micah is up to inside the womb.

It’s been fun to imagine what Micah will be like. Will he look more like me or Sarah? Will he have my nose? Will he have Sarah’s eyes? How much hair will he be born with? What will his personality be like? We’re at 25 weeks as of today. He is getting bigger and bigger, and Sarah has said that he’s quite the acrobat in her stomach. She always giggles when he starts rolling around, doing who knows what in there.

This past weekend was Memorial day weekend and our friends Dennis and Mandi came up to celebrate their and Sarah and my 2nd year anniversary of marriage. We spent it in the 30th floor of the Hyatt Regency in the Southside of downtown Chicago. Among other things we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was a fun time. We looked around at a lot of the exhibits. Perhaps the coolest one for Sarah and me to see was the exhibit on pregnancy and fetal development. They had about 20 (perhaps more) babies that must have died in the womb on display in clear tubes. The babies floated in a clear liquid, almost looking like something from a science fiction movie. It was somewhat disturbing, but also extremely fascinating. They showed the progression of the baby’s development through putting these babies in chronological order by age. It was definitely amazing to look and see the baby that was basically at Micah’s stage of development.  Makes it that much more real. You can really begin to imagine what he must look like. Of course, I was once again amazed by the whole process of the creation, development, and birth of a human being. What a miracle.

It was a good weekend in Chicago. The weather was great. We walked about 20 miles in total throughout the city of Chicago over the course of the weekend. Sarah and I were struggling to keep up with our friends who are very enthusiastic about walking everywhere all the time. I can’t really think of the last time that I’ve walked that much. That’s definitely true for Sarah. We managed to survive, however.

The other week I went back home to Indy to see the Pacers-Heat playoff game. It was pretty exciting. The Pacers won that night, although they ended up losing the series. It made for a very fun night. Every time Lebron touched the ball the stadium booed with vigor. It’s amazing how we can all hate someone so incredibly talented. He is easy to dislike though. Wade even more so.

But as I was down there I visited some friends from high school, as I normally do when I visit Indianapolis. Usually we end up hanging out into the early hours of the morning. Sometimes I’ve headed home as the sun was beginning to rise. But we’re really not the same age anymore. A friend and I couldn’t even finish a set of tennis before he was too tired to finish. It was only a few years ago that we consistently played football in 95-100 degree weather, loving every minute of it. Instead of hanging out for hours on end, we ended up calling it at night before midnight and went our separate ways to head to bed. Another friend couldn’t even stay up until 9:30 before wanting to call it a night. What ever happened to late night movies or long discussions about life or playing video games until your eyes burned?

Some people think that having a kid this early is crazy. I’m too young. I haven’t been married long enough to enjoy it. I think most of those days are already over. Everyone goes to bed before 10 and doesn’t even have the energy to have a late night walk as used to be the norm for the past 10 years or so. Life is changing. So I guess I think it’s a perfect time to have a child. Everyone else has gotten old, yet seemingly hasn’t realized it. I might as well take advantage of the time and start putting my energy into raising a child.

Things change so quickly. It’s quite incredible.

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