A Lazy Winter Day at Home

Over the last couple days it has been hovering between -5 and 15 degrees outside. That kind of weather doesn’t really make you want to go anywhere for a while. So the kids, the dog, and I have been hanging out at home finding things to do. This morning and afternoon I decided to getContinue reading “A Lazy Winter Day at Home”

April, Come and Gone

Yikes! April flew by this year. It’s hard to believe, really. But I guess that must mean that life has been busy. Sarah transitioned to working night shift this month, and that has changed up our routines and daily lives a bit. I got a few good representative pictures this month of what life isContinue reading “April, Come and Gone”

Snapshots of Daily Life

If you’ve followed my blog here you know that I’ve been trying to document more of my daily life. I’ve been taking more pictures using my iPhone recently. I have been posting these pictures as I take them on my Tumblr blog, if that is something you use. But I plan to occasionally post themContinue reading “Snapshots of Daily Life”