Shame, Guilt, and the Church: Part 3 – Shame vs. Guilt

Some of these thoughts are instigated by notes I took during a class on conflict mediation back in 2012. Part of the class the professor discussed certain aspects about shame and guilt, and thus vulnerability as well. Other thoughts come from Brene Brown’s TED talks, which I’ve already posted about below. Although much of whatContinue reading “Shame, Guilt, and the Church: Part 3 – Shame vs. Guilt”

Lessons from a 12 Step Meeting.

I recently went to a 12 step program as an assignment for an Addictions Counseling class that I am taking. My only exposure to 12 programs have been in television shows and movies, and most of them have been Alcoholics Anonymous. Generally speaking, when you see something medical or psychological being presented on screen, it’sContinue reading “Lessons from a 12 Step Meeting.”

A Day at the University of St. Mary of the Lake

I visited University of St. Mary of the Lake the other day. It’s a beautiful campus. Here are some pictures I took while there. To see more of these pictures you can visit my Flickr page.