What is Aeropress?

Type of BrewTime of BrewDifficultyBrewed AmountPrice
Infusion1-3 Min.12 Steps2-12oz$30

Who is it for?

Perfect for people who are busy, people who want to try experimenting with coffee, or for those that want to take their coffee with them when they travel or camp.

Why people like it

  • Brews rich, smooth, low-acidity coffee
  • Simple to use
  • Very easy to clean
  • Compact, easy for travel or camping
  • Espresso-like qualities

What to know?

Aeropress is all about the experimentation. You’ll have to start by choosing from one of two ways to brew: standard or inverted. There are countless ways to make a great cup of coffee, so learn and then experiment to discover what you like best.

Next steps:

Now that you’ve learned a bit about Aeropress, why don’t you try it for yourself?

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