On the Edge of a Storm

Here is a sampling of some pictures of a storm that came through last week. It was my first attempt at catching a picture of lightning. It was really neat to see the clouds form. The pictures only capture a glimmer of its real beauty. Click on the pictures to see them as a gallery.Continue reading “On the Edge of a Storm”

A Minimalist Take of a Few of Jesus’ “I AM” Statements

A type of graphic design that is somewhat popular today is called “minimalism.” I decided to try it out with a few of Jesus’ I AM statements. Can you guess which ones they are?

Photos of Friends and a Fun Sunday Afternoon

We recently had some friends over for lunch. Our friend Dan Basco cooked and prepared some great dishes, with the help of everyone else. We had a wonderful time together. Here are some pictures of the day. (See my previous post of a video of all the pictures from the day). It’s good to beContinue reading “Photos of Friends and a Fun Sunday Afternoon”