Bancroft Art Gallery

Today as we were driving around Omaha, we passed by a cool building that was covered in graffiti. We decided to stop and take some pictures, and as we did a guy pulled up in his car. It ended up being the guy who ran the place, which we found out was an art gallery and performing arts building. They host all kinds of events. He was kind enough to show us around his building and tell us of the various events that take place there. We snapped a few shots outside before we left. Pretty neat place.

Outside in the parking lot and around the property there are all kinds of painted 10 foot cement barriers. Lots of cool designs.


Tried to get Micah to stand and pose at the wall…but he had other things on his mind apparently.


Can you spot the Micah?


Mommy and Ezra pose at one of the walls.


Humpty Dumpty.


Ezra enjoying this animal themed wall.


Today was the first day that Ezra has worn shoes. He has recently started to walk, and it came in handy today.


Two brothers doing what boys do best.


Our two very cultured kids.


Ezra should work at an art gallery. He likes to show out the art.


Omaha, Omaha! (Set…hut!)

Well, after a two month adventure at my mom’s place, we now live in a place of our own in Omaha. We’re thankful to be here and enjoying having a place to make our own. I had a few weeks where I didn’t really take many pictures because I was so busy, but I hope to be taking more pictures again. It’s also been a bit cold and sometimes snowy, so I haven’t really been outside much. And now that we don’t walk to get to places like we did in Chicago, I rarely get the opportunity.

But here are some photos from over the last few weeks or so.

No Photography!
No Photographs, please!


A view from my mom’s porch


Micah in Uncle Matt's Shoes
Micah posing in Uncle Matt’s shoes


The Boys Playing
Micah and Ezra playing with each other.


Boys and Books
The boys “reading” together.


Chubby Ezra sitting around looking kind of dazed after a nap.


Micah and Ezra
Micah and Ezra playing with their track.


Micah on the Table
Micah loves two things: climbing and opening doors. It’s a plus when these two things can be combined. But not so much for me.




Any guesses as to what this is? It’s broccoli.


Oranges. Must be winter.


Micah and Ezra
The boys playing together. I love that they’re able to play with each other so well now.


Sarah's Nursing Figurine
My grandmother gave Sarah a nursing figurine of a nurse holding a baby. It was hers from back when she was a nurse. But she thought it was fitting for Sarah to get it because she is now a Labor and Delivery nurse.


Omaha at Sunset
Looking over Omaha as a plane takes off.


Omaha at Sunset
The Omaha skyline from Council Bluffs as the sun sets.


Omaha at Sunset
Not quite the Chicago skyline. That’s for sure. But we are growing to love Omaha.


Omaha at Sunset
And the sun peeks behind the horizon.


Omaha at Sunset
It’s amazing how quickly the sky begins to change as the sun sets.


Omaha at Sunset
Omaha and the Missouri river.


Omaha at Sunset
The moon looked really neat hovering above the city.


Omaha at Sunset
I love that the Omaha area has so many hills to capture neat views of the city from all kinds of angles.


Micah and his puppy
Micah loves taking his puppy for “walks”


Purple Streak
Caught this plane flying overhead while on our way out of a Target.


Plane Streaks and the Moon
I thought the moon looked cool with those wispy plane trails.


Golden Hour Globe
Who needs a snow globe when you can capture a golden hour globe?


Our House
Here’s our new house after the first snow of February.


Micah Sledding
We were finally able to break out Micah’s new sled. He’s never been sledding before and so it was fun to be able to let him sled in our very own backyard.


Micah Sledding
He really seemed to enjoy himself!


We may be a new home, but the routines remain the same. Micah steals his brothers food. Ezra gets upset. And so on…


Ezra’s getting bigger and cuter (and time for a haircut) – I can’t help but want to hug him all the time. (Please don’t mind the messy room behind him…)


Micah “helping” me unpack our boxes.


Micah wearing his Japanese yukata hanging out with his Great-Uncle Norman.


Obviously not the clearest picture, but Ezra hopes you had a good Valentine’s Day. Clearly he got a big kiss on the cheek from his mommy.


January at Grandma’s House

As we await to move into a house in Omaha, Sarah, the boys, and I are staying with my mom and brother. We will be out by the end of the month if things go as planned, but in the meantime we wait. Most of days are spent keeping track of Micah and Ezra, trying to keep them out of trouble. That’s quite the hard task these days. Ezra has seemed to perfect his peg-leg crawl, and Micah can zip away in a blink of an eye.

Micah at the Mall
Micah has too much energy to be kept at home all the time, so we have to take occasional trips to the play place at the mall.

Stare Down Reflection
My brother’s cat – with a reflection of me in its eye.

Micah Bath Time
Bath time is something that I always forget to get pictures of. Precious moments.

Ezra and Micah Bath time
Here’s Ezra and Micah taking a bath together for the first time.

Ezra in the Bath
Cubby Ezra enjoying a bath.

Nebraska Coaster
Sarah and I loved living in Chicago. We were generally proud of our amazing city and especially our neighborhood. But now that we’re moving to Omaha, it’s time to start being proud of this city, too. Here’s a coaster I bought Sarah for our new place.

Sarah at Duncan's
Sarah and I don’t get out much, but we were able to sneak away a few days ago for breakfast. I don’t even know the last time that just Sarah and I went out for breakfast.

Ezra at the Mall
We also went shopping the other day for some new clothes and shoes for Sarah. Ezra tagged along.

Ezra shopping
I was in agreement with Ezra, though — too much time at the mall can really wear you out.

Micah Carnage
Grandma being reminded what it’s like to have little boys roam the house… 😦

Micah making Tilapia
Micah made us tilapia the other night. What a good little master chief!

Morning Routine
Morning routines. Ezra’s sad because I’m not feeding him.

Playing together
As Ezra gets bigger and bigger it’s been fun to see the two boys play together more and more.

Watching TV
Micah in his pajamas and hat watching some cartoons with his brother. Zombie time, apparently.

Playing together
Wherever Micah is, Ezra is there, too. They are starting to become joined at the hip.

Morning Joe
It’s been frigid here these last few days in Iowa, and that calls for some nice hot coffee.

In the bucket
Micah always finds ways to entertain himself, and therefore me.

Playing together
My heart melts a bit every time these guys learn new ways of playing with each other.

Trouble Maker
Ezra seems to be learning a lot from his brother…

Sneaky Micah
Micah’s nap time music keeps mysteriously turning off. I have found the culprit.

Micah Escape
Micah tried to escape a number of times from the house – but I just don’t think he understands how cold it really is outside.


Transitioning from Chicago

Although we don’t have a place of our own yet, we’ve now been in the Iowa/Nebraska area for almost a month now. I recently got my cameras out again and have been taking a few shots. Some of these shots are from around my mom’s place, and some are from the Union Pacific Museum here in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Ezra getting into Drawers
Ezra is getting bigger. More curious. More trouble.
Standard Time Clock
The Union Pacific Museum had a lot of old neat looking clocks from various train stations.
Abraham Lincoln
They had a model train car that Lincoln would have ridden in. Apparently he was a huge supporter of the building of the railways, even before he had even seen a train himself.
Here’s Sarah pushing a button on an old phone switchboard.
Old lamps on display.
Model Train
There was an old man showing off his model trains.
Sarah and the Boys at Union Pacific Museum
Sarah and the boys exploring.
Micah the Engineer
Micah the engineer driving the train.
Union Pacific Model Train
An example model train.
More clocks.
And…more clocks.
My mom’s place has all kinds of birds that come by to eat the seed and suet that she leaves out for them.
A woodpecker hanging out on the bird feeder.
This tree is often filled with male cardinals.
Fat Bird Eating
Spotted this fat guy pigging out on some fallen seeds.
Fat Bird Eating
Another angle of the guy.
Evening Iowa Sky
Midwest sunsets are the best

Christmas in Iowa

A lot has changed since I last posted here. My family has moved from Chicago and into the Omaha area. We are currently staying with my mom in Iowa as we figure out exactly where we are going to be living next. Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. I sadly have not gotten my camera out very often through the course of all that has been going on. Here are some that I have taken, however.

The Bean
As I wrapped things up in Chicago, I walked over to the bean one morning to take some final shots of one of Chicago’s more iconic places. It was a foggy, cold day – but I think it made for some nice shots.
The Bean
The bean, officially called “Cloud Gate,” makes for some nice pictures of one of the world’s greatest skylines.
The Bean
Here’s me trying to capture how cold and foggy it felt that day.
Foggy Chicago
Another one of Chicago’s iconic buildings. Same architects as those who designed the World Trade Center towers that fell on 9/11.
The Bean
Another angle of the Bean
I stayed with some friends at the beginning of December as I finished some things up in Chicago. This is of their tree.
Christmas Bokeh
Some artsy Christmas bokeh.
Micah zoned out
A shot of Micah – a bit zoned out after getting up from bed.
My sister’s boyfriend, Clint, goofing around with a Christmas decoration in my mom’s place.
My sister, giving me a stare down.
Opening their present
My family always opens one present each on Christmas Eve, one of our few true traditions. Here, Sarah and the boys are opening Ezra’s first Christmas present.
The boys playing with their new present
Of course, Micah instantly wanted to play with Ezra and his new toy.
Sarah and the boys on Christmas Eve
Sarah and the boys and the new Christmas toy.
Lauren and Clint
Lauren and clint react after Lauren opens her present.
Sarah and Micah's new sled
Micah got his first sled. (Sarah seems just as happy…)
Micah coloring
Micah coloring in a new coloring book from his Uncle Matt.
Ezra and Micah Playing
It’s been fun seeing Micah and Ezra play together as they both get older.

Snapshots of Daily Life

If you’ve followed my blog here you know that I’ve been trying to document more of my daily life. I’ve been taking more pictures using my iPhone recently. I have been posting these pictures as I take them on my Tumblr blog, if that is something you use. But I plan to occasionally post them here too in groupings as I have time.

Late night chat at Kafein
This past week I went to see a movie with a friend of mine. We saw “Dear White People.” (It was a good one, check it out.) Afterwards we headed over to a place Kafein and stayed there until it closed at 2:00am. I ordered decaf, of course. How ironically hipster of me…
Lazy Sunday afternoon. Ezra is really trying to crawl.
Morning brother play time
Micah and Ezra love playing with each other.
With it being grey outside, and a bit colder these last few days we haven't really been outside much. Micah clearly feels a bit cooped up.
Micah seemed like he was really wanting to go outside the other day. He climbed up on the windowsill so he could get a good look outside.
All smiles
Micah may be a troublemaker, but he knows how to be cute.
At Bad Dog.
On Monday I headed over to a Giants bar in my neighborhood to watch Monday Night Football. I ended up being the only person there for most of the night. The bartender and I ended up talking fantasy football.
Ezra chewing on his banana
Ezra likes chewing on his teething banana. He has three teeth coming in at the moment.
Micah beyond the gate
Micah hates being on the other side of the gate. Be begs and pleads to be allowed over so he can rome the dining room and kitchen.
Morning drive
With daylight savings time rolling back the clocks, it caused my drive to work to experience sunrises again, for a few more weeks.
Morning sun.
Morning light pouring over all the plants at work.
The Trinity Pond
The pond at Trinity representing the day very well.
Wine reflections and diffractions.
A shot of the wine bottle label through my wine glass.
New Mugs
Our church recently went through a rebranding process. We give our visitors a mug when they come to our church. (We mug our visitors.) So we have new mugs with our new logo on it. He’s a shot of them that I took for the church website that I didn’t end up using.

Home Shots

After going to a pancake breakfast this morning we mostly just hung around the house. I decided to take a few shots. I’ve been also trying to take more pictures with my iPhone. I don’t give my iPhone 5s enough credit. I always feel like I need my actual camera with me everywhere, but I’m trying to use my phone more often to take pictures. There are things which it can do that my camera often times cannot do. For one thing it has a wider angle lens on it than I usually use on my camera, so it’s great for being able to capture wider angle pictures. But it also does a great job with exposure and white balance, lending itself to some great pictures. Some of the pictures below are taken with my iPhone.

Ezra SO wants to crawl right now. He’s getting closer.
Micah got Stuck
This captures life at the Seaman household pretty accurately.
Micah playing, Mommy Reading
Micah playing with his blocks, while mommy reads.
Micah Blocks
Lovely light coming through the windows.
Sarah watching the boys
Sarah looks over at Micah while he plays.
Sarah reading
Sarah has been reading the books that the show “Call the Midwife” is based upon. She has had a hard time putting them down.
Sarah Reading
Here’s a shot in color.
Clean dishes
Here’s a shot for my future self – to remind myself of the dishes I clean so often. Lots of kids forks and spoons and cups these days.
Kitchen Sink
As Sarah and I are preparing to leave the Chicago area most likely, I am trying to capture some aspects of the apartment we live in now for future memory. This place is old. I like to think it has character. Our faucet was so rickety that it broke twice before I decided that it was time for a new one.
Ezra on the Floor
Ezra scoots on the floor. The last few days and weeks before he starts crawling. Micah supervises.
Ezra trying to crawl
Ezra. Cute as can be.
Ezra in the Bean Bag
Ezra likes being in the bean bag, but he also wants to be able to crawl out of it.
Ezra in the Bean Bag
Goofy Ezra.
Bucket Head Micah
Micah the bucket head.
Micah and Friends
Definitely not the clearest shot, but Micah loves hanging out with his buddy Charlotte. And she enjoys being in charge of him.
Candy corn
S’mores candy corn. Yes. It’s good.
Candy Corn
Candy Corn.
Candy Corn
Candy Corn close up.

A Cold Halloween Morning

I have been wanting to just take more pictures of everyday life. Nothing glamorous. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing particularly artsy. Just normal life as I experience it each day. Today is Halloween. It’s cold. It was snowing earlier. But mommy is home and hanging out with us today. Here are some pictures. I may be taking more of these sorts of shots in the future.

It’s also a chance to finally start taking pictures and processing them in ways that I like. The photography world is a very opinionated one. But I am learning to do things the way I like to do them, and not listen so much to the opinions of other people. I am comfortable with my technical abilities now, and so it is more about developing my own sense of photography style. Some might not like my style, but that’s ok. In the end, these pictures are for me. This is a process, and I am inviting you on my journey as I continue to to understand my own style as a photographer.

I do love getting comments – so feel free to interact with me here on my blog or on Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr. Also, if you want to comment on any individual pictures, you can click on the picture and it will take you to Flickr where you can comment and see larger versions if you so choose. Nearly all my photographs are in the Creative Commons, so they are free to use with attribution. And if you want me to follow you or check out your stuff, let me know. I love photography and seeing how people capture light, moments, and memories.

Mommy and the Boys

Book time for the boys

Book time for the boys

Micah Butt

Mommy and Ezra

Mommy and Ezra

Ezra in the Bean Bag

Candy Wrappers

Mommy and Micah and a Cinnamon Roll

Mommy and Micah and a Cinnamon Roll

First Snow Flurries of the season