Stepping Back

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Moments Noticed

There was a faint moving pillar on the horizon as Jeff and I were driving into Iowa to spend some time biking on the Wabash Trace trail for the afternoon. The pillar was a murmuration of starlings drifting and flowing through the sky as fluidly as droplets of oil in water.  It’s the sort ofContinue reading “Moments Noticed”

The Human Experience

Yesterday in a small restaurant in a small town in Iowa I asked for a banana split. When I did, the server smiled ear to ear, overjoyed that I had ordered it.  “Yes! I can definitely make that for you!” she said.  “Oh, and could I have hot fudge instead of the chocolate syrup?”  HerContinue reading “The Human Experience”

Endings are hard

You may have seen, even if you’re not a sports fan, or a fan of tennis in particular, that Roger Federer played his last match yesterday. (Serena Williams played her last match in the US Open a few weeks ago as well!) And it’s been a surprisingly emotional ending to witness and reflect about. ToContinue reading “Endings are hard”


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