A Year of TV in Review

It seems that every magazine and newspaper likes to publish their top 10 or 20 lists of TV shows, albums, and books around this time of year. I’ve always been perplexed with this process because they make it seem so objective, they give no criteria for what makes a good show or album or book,Continue reading “A Year of TV in Review”

Don’t Think in Straight Lines

Great television is more than entertainment. The greatest TV shows of the last 25 years have not simply told great stories, but they have involved us in their telling of the story. They know how to break into our lives – our stories – to get us to invest ourselves and our emotions into the show, intoContinue reading “Don’t Think in Straight Lines”

Under the Big Blue Sky

[This review of Rectify Season 3: Episode 1 originally appeared at libraryofimpressions.com] “The best show nobody’s watching” kicked off its third season this past Thursday on the Sundance Channel. I have been a faithful fan of the show since I first heard the first promo for it. There’s so much I love about the show – thoughContinue reading “Under the Big Blue Sky”